I need to down load something large on Steam to my W11 laptop, the speed is truly terrible, so I go to google and there’s plenty of help. Here’s my notes …

I found a page which said to update one’s drivers, use the Steam settings panel to clear the steam cache, change server regions and check using the steam settings panel that the download is not throttled. ; it also suggested changing some of the windows storage configurations and even turning off the anti-virus. There’s lots of advice out there.

I tried using the Steam control panel options inc. a new server, I tried Ireland and Netherlands but they made little difference, so I ran ccleaner to update my drivers and that has certainly made it faster. There’s some more drivers to update but I’ll let Steam finish the download first.

Another lesson that once one asks for advice, it may be best to take it. TLDR update your drivers!

Actually I need to work out why ccleaner didn’t tell me about the outstanding updates.

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