The Tories are about to fuck up the steel industry … again. No they didn’t. Here are my notes and links.

Steel ..

  1. The Trade Remedies Authority recommends dropping protection for domestic steel.
  2. Labour responds to Trade Remedies Authority recommendation to withdraw steel safeguards
  3. British Steel – what I said the last time tariffs and dumping became headline news. TLDR thye Chinese are dumping, and the Tories don’t care and stopped the EU increasing the protection for the steel industry
  4. Thornbury reacts …
  5. Liz trust blinks, which the Steel industry welcomes.

Labour pushed for a debate on the matter, in the House of Commons, this is its landing page; I have not yet watched it. Perhaps Hansard will have the terms of the motion, and the results of the vote.

The Tory corruption also impacts on this story, Liberty Steel, nearly went bankrupt earlier this year, jeopardising the jobs and production of the entity.

  1. Liberty Steel’s major funder, Greensill Capital withdrew putting the company into jeopardy, although it seems to have limped along.
  2. Greensill Capital was not so lucky, see also, Greensill: What is the David Cameron lobbying row about?
  3. Greensill Capital paid Cameron salary of more than $1m a year at the FT (£)
  4. Fortunate for Cameron? The Treasury have lost some texts on the Pemr Sec’s phone.

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