It’d be good to clear the table so it could be dual use, and put the phone, disk and hub on something else. Maybe the latter could go on a book case shelf, but I lloked for some hanging and floating shelves and for a telephonr table to get the depth. Here, as ever, are my notes …

For shelves, try Etsy for hanging shelves, amazon, or Ikea. 40cm length would be good. Something for the paper trays, although a vertical document tidy might do.

A shelf, or telephone table from Etsy, or Manomano on the other side of the room by the NTU.

Maybe the table should be replaced.

I need to get to grips with the space in the water closet, i.e. the closet with the water tank.

Maybe I should get a shelf (or two) and some hooks, put the hooks above the switch box and the shelves below.

Dave Life & Death ,

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