GMB Congress size

The GMB’s annual congress, except when pandemics occur is defined by rule., Rule 8.  It consists of one delegate per 1500 members and the delegates are appointed by the regions, 90% elected by the membership within Regions and 10% appointed by the Regional Committees, which are themselves indirectly elected bodies. This means that at the moment, Congress is about ~420 delegates.

Energy, Climate Change and Just Transition

I need to consider the politics of energy and climate change. I shall be looking at the politics inside the labour party but I should look at what the UK Government is saying. This was originally written when I returned from GMB 2019, augmented with GMB items in 2020 and then some links and comments made about Boris Johnson’s Green New Deal. One issue I still can’t get to grips with is, what does the science say about the future of gas as a source of energy in the home? Anyway, here are my notes,  Continue reading “Energy, Climate Change and Just Transition”