The NI protocol

The Northern Ireland Protocol of the Withdrawal Agreement signed by Boris Johnson after a partisan vote in the House of Commons, introduces a customs border in the Irish Sea between Northern Ireland and Great Britian. Now that the Unionists have caught up with what the deal means, they are mightily unhappy; the problem is that many of them are armed and lethal violence was only expunged as a regular tactic in 1998. Here are my notes on the NI protocol.

  1. Brexit deal: the Northern Ireland protocol, an explainer, from the IoG
  2. Tear up Northern Ireland Protocol or risk return to violence, former first minister David Trimble warns, from the Indy 20 Feb 2021
  3. Brexit: DUP plans major legal challenge to Northern Ireland protocol, from the Irish Times 21 Feb 2021
  4. Inspectors pulled from Brexit checks at Northern Ireland ports over threats, from Politico 2 Feb 2021

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