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TUC Congress 2022

TUC Congress 2022

This was postponed, due to the death of the Queen and reconvened in October. Here is the record of business and my unadorned notes …

These motion are of particular interest to me.

  1. C20 on sweetheart deals proposed by GMB & NASUWT supported by Community, possibly a reaction to the RSA’s recent behaviour.
  2. M61 on the justice & probation system proposed by NAPO, mainly about interference in the parole system.
  3. C02 on Economic recovery and manufacturing jobs, by GMB & the POA, an odd composite, calling for Keynesian deman reflation but mainly in the defence sector, it also calls for the re-establishment of NEDC
  4. C19 Oppose the government’s unlawful immigration system by the NEU & PCS, an excellent motion condemning the Tory’s inhumane immigration policies.

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