Virtual Offices, for an occasional user

I have been thinking about how to get time and space in an office in the city & the west end; most providers are interested in very high option prices i.e. they expect a high usage of desk space. This isn’t what I need but here are my notes … 


  1. I had a colleague that used these people, haven’t yet found the prices. Their Moorgate location looks quite plush and has a Quartier restaurant. AS for views over the City, the Queen of Hoxton has those, although no offices or meeting rooms.
  2. Regus have been bought by (or merged into) IWG PLC, and has a sister company within the group called Spaces which uses the same creative community bullshit as wework which is also still going. Spaces have a Moorgate location. Both seem to ask for too high a subscription for my needs, they assume one wants to drop in to work quite frequently and use the meeting room much less.
  3. Last time I sought to solve this problem, I came across My Virtual Office, who do mail forwarding and have meeting room space with a some free time, and then additionally chargeable. The meeting room might be too secluded. This is a cheap way of getting a north London address and the meeting spaces, the post forwarding might work too as it has a low option price but a higher per item charge. Since it competes with BT post boxes, it would need to be quite busy to be more expensive.
  4. The final option is something like a “Friends of” offering that offers lounge or café space such as the British Museum, or British Library, I also checked out the City Business Library. I wonder if the Zoo has a club house. (It would seem not, here’s their gold scheme). I checked out the Civil Service Club also but their rooms are on the whole too large.

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