After the Shadow Brokers released the NSA treasure trove, it became necessary to determine which personal windows systems required remediation. All my windows systems have been upgraded to W10 and so would seem to be clean, except the Nokia tablet, running W8.1 RT. Intelligence says it should have been patched by Windows Update, and so I wrote an article about if I needed to augment Windows Update or not. Later research suggests that the payload could not run on ARM CPUs.

Here’s the community post,

  1., this now states that there is no evidence the payload can run on ARM CPUs, and now see below, the MS references
  2. a commentary on MS releases by one of the anti-virus/vulnerability management companies.

The patch name is MS17-010. Here is the Microsoft page …. This is clear the patch was developed for W8.1 RT and so if running Windows Update you should have the patch.

And here is a MS blog article, entitled, “Customer Guidance for WannaCrypt attacks” posted on May 12th,

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