Not content with making it impossible to “go and live there” if we don’t like Brexit, the Tories are planning to repeal all the EU derived legislation. The Bill is called the Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill 2022-23. It is understood to threaten most already inadequate worker’s rights including holiday pay, working hours limitations, and equal pay. It has been suggested that this I am surprised so little’s been said, most if what I can find is either Government statements, or lawyers, who can often be useful.


Here are some links,

  1. Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill – Parliamentary Bills – UK Parliament, the Bill Page at the Parliament site.
  2. Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill: What happens next? (, a statement by Richard Archer from Thompsons, comprehensive and moderate. It notes the distinction between laws passed by Parliament and those passed by the EU Parliament, nd the influence that EU law and CFR have had on judicial interpretation. Dated Sept 2022.
  3. Brexit | British Institute of International and Comparative Law (, what google finds and Europe ( Bingham Centre on Brexit, a collection of their article
  4. ‘Brexit Freedoms Bill’ | Think Tank | European Parliament ( by the European Parliament who will be part of the decision as to whether these adjustments are unfair trading advanatges. (If so the EU can apply for adjustments in the tariffs agreed between the UK and the EU).
  5. Allegedly, Labour’s response (or prequel), Raynor and team set out plans for fair pay agreements to deliver new deal for working people, from Labour’s press site and the New-Deal-for-Working-People-Green-Paper.pdf

Full Fact show that Stella Creasy is on the ball, free Olympics viewing on TV may be jeopardised 😆

  1. Jacob Rees-Mogg is plotting to change thousands of laws under cover of Tory chaos by George Peretz KC, in the Guardian
  2. Jacob Rees Mogg out. What happens to his bonfire of regulation now? , from Brexit Spotlight, includes a webinar/video from Monckton Chambers

I recommend you write to your MP, TheyWorkForYou or you could use AEIP’s gadget

See also a google search on the Guardian

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