About keyboards, been buying laptops recently but i have a bluetooth keyboard for my tablet and am considering getting a new phone and a smaller one might be cool.

I have a Logitech K380 and have bought a sleeve for it.

They need to be scanned at the moment and so I would like something slimmer. I found this video the 5 best foldable in 2024 which pointed me at:

  1. By Silkai, at amazon, so the link will degrade, currently £23.99, the also do a horizontally folding keyboard currently priced at £55
  2. By Seenda, also at amazon £30
  3. By Geyes, also at amazon, £53.95, horizontally folding
  4. By Womier, recommended as very thin for a non folding keyboard, the model is an sk71.
  5. And another, thin but not folding, the lofree flow, not cheap, a .co domain and at the end of the day maybe not small enough for my needs.
  6. Ceebon do a rollup keyboard, no bluetooth so need to check it works with a phone.

Some of these are so embedded in the supply chain that I cannot find the OEM’s web site.

Lastly, and probably, inappropriately, Logitech do a pop keyboard,

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