This article describes my efforts to implement the configuration described at in the Apache as a Proxy.

Using the Java Server

Using Version 1.0b3 seems to work as documented on, the problems documented below are either tomcat’s or belong to the .war implementation.

Using Tomcat

I have done this using

  • A Cobalt Qube running Linux 2.2 (Yeah, I know but its what I have got!).
  • Apache V1.3.29
  • Snipsnap Version 1.0b3 Uttoxeter .war
  • Tomcat Version 4.1

because this is an appliance, I can’t turn Apache off, nor is it wise to upgrade it. So I implemented SnipSnap as .war on port 8080 and am now seeking to hide this from the world using the Apache proxy capability. This is to create a decent single naming convention accross my web space.I had some problems, but basically, the following lines worked for me


ProxyRequest off
ProxyPass        /snipsnap
ProxyPassReverse /snipsnap

The SnipSnap configuration

I set conf using the GUI provided


It seems to be working quite nicely, but many of the URLs held in snipsnap are now port aware, so I may have some legacy problems. I recommend anyone following me try and fix this before they insert any content.


This was copied across from my snipsnap on 7th June 2013. The bliki had been rebuilt several times but this page was not updated. I had got to the point where I installed it with the Java Server, and then used apache as a proxy to hide the port.

Further history and practice is documented at my user record on

The notes above say that I couldn’t turn the webserver off, that wasn’t true, it was possible to do so using the CLI, once one had an ssh connection.

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