Another set of notes on my Microsoft SME network project, this time on the LGPO, the Policy Editor; my first set of links relate to logon/logoff scripts and hopefully scripting configuration changes. Here are my notes. …


I need to do a bit more but it seems that there are three sets of tools available or Frameworks, here is one which is alternatively called SCM, is this pronounced Scom? 😉

  1. How to Use Security Compliance Manager in Windows Server 2016 , from a site called techsupportpk


  1. lmgtfy: q=how to write an lgpo script
  2. Scripting Group Policy Objects,. from IT Pro, the pictures seem to have gone.
  3. How to edit Local Group Policy with script?, from Stackexchange, which mentions powershell 👍


  1. Configure the Windows logon scripts to run, from Forcepoint


  1. How to create and run PowerShell script file on Windows 10, from windows central?

Microsoft’s Tools

  1. LGPO.exe – Local Group Policy Object Utility, v1.0, from Microsoft
  2. Using the secedit command-line tool, from Microsoft’s “Administer security policy settings”
  3. Microsoft’s Security Compliance Manager, its download page, see also Microsoft’s Free Security Tools – Microsoft Security Compliance Manager Tool (SCM) which hints at the relationship between LGPO and SCM, because what worries me is the local?
  4. Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration Overview, the beginnings of infrastructure as code

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