Clashing Cameras and video conferencing.

I have had Zoom fail to connect to the camera on my PC over the last couple of days. Zoom say to make sure that other camera using applications have detached. I used [ctrl][alt][del] to start the task manager and noticed that Teams was still running. So I used the end task button and the camera came on. I launched the teams app and discovered in the setting panel, the switch i.e. checkbox that keeps it running when the call ends. This was on; now its off and it seems to be behaving.

Mucking around until it breaks

This took a lot of time, I wanted to reduce the occurrence of my BSOD “UNEXPECTED STORE EXCEPTION“. This involved reinstalling my anti-virus product, changing it’s passwords and then repairing my fingerprint reader driver as a result of a Code 19 error on my fingerprint reader. I then worked through the steps suggested here. This led me to suspect the hard disk (SSD) and finally to reset the operating system. I had been postponing the last item as previous experience had been terrible. (Once I got to the right version of the reset program), it was easier than I expected. I document the reinstallation of packages here. Otherwise here are my notes. Continue reading “Mucking around until it breaks”

My newest W10 build

This was originally written when I first got a new laptop, a 14″ ACER; it’s a bit smaller than the last one, its CPU is about 4 times more powerful and it only took me a couple of hours to get going.  I got fed up with the recurring BSOD and “reset the PC” in Sept 21. This didn’t work and so I got a new system, which is my 3rd with W10. Here are my notes. … Continue reading “My newest W10 build”

Skype & Windows 10 (Versions)

I originally wrote this in 2018, the solution to the system freeze was to use a W10 reset function. I had to revisit Skype & W10 in May 2020.


This time round I originally identified a problem as Skype failing to open the video window, or failing to write it to the screen. I felt this might be conflict with Zoom. I documented it at the Microsoft Community Forums, and was advised to upgrade my Skype Version from 8,56 to 8.60. This led to the system failing, and requiring a hard boot to recover. I have removed it from the system. I need to decide whether to reset, or use the Event Viewer to see if the errors are captured.

However, whatever route I needed to take, required the re-installation of Skype which I did sourcing the binaries from Microsoft’s download site, i.e. not from Office, nor from the Store; this seems to have fixed it.


This seems a bit fragile, I had a problem where Skype video calls froze the system and only a hard reboot would get it back. Frustrating to say the least.

I put the question on the Microsoft forums, and was instructed on how to reset it using the W10 panel and not the legacy software inventory panel.

It seems fixed now. Hope it stays that way