I have a new windows laptop and need to bring my NWN2 game forward from the old machine; both are windows 10, although the new one is 64 bit. I wanted to economise the build’s storage space this time and had to overcome what looks like a 32/64 bit pragma problem; here is what I did.

It appears that NWN, installs with a global folder and a local folder. This is probably appallingly wasteful of space but I had made copies of both these folders from the source system,

  1. I used my GOG installation files. (Actually, the 2nd time, the first I tried to copy the old installation folder, but the 64 bit pragma error (see 2 below) may have caused the same problems as described in 2.) This creates the global folder of the NWN2 game, and it does so at "./Neverwinter Nights 2 Complete", beside the folder with the GOG installations files.
  2. I tried to get it to work, and firstly it complained that d3dx9_30.dll was missing and when I installed the 64 bit version, from this page at dll-files.com it threw a 0xc000007b error; I fixed this by, after a bit of googling, installing the 32 bit version in the NWN2 global install folder. It then installed the rest of direct X on the first time boot. (This exercise took me back nearly 15 years as we nearly always had to augment the builds with some magic runes and I had said to the family that it was bit like dungeons and dragons exploring the virtual tunnels of the internet, looking for treasure, although then I was looking to augment Windows with a taste of its future while today, we  have a backward compatibility issue.)
  3. Having created a working binary, I booted the game and made a saved game; I discovered where it was, in my case "C:\Users\${user name}\OneDrive\Documents\Neverwinter Nights 2". I then copied my copy of the old local folder into the new folder and for the three files that existed in both, I overwrote them with the saved/source copies.

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