I attended a webinar by the Semantic Web Company on Knowledge Graphs. This was allegedly focused on a book published by the company’s leaders, the Knowledge Graph Cook Book. I haven’t found the slides yet, but here are my notes …

They say, the cookbook answers

  • How can we get users involved in the knowledge graph creation?
  • What tools can we offer to make the process easier for them?
  • What are the low-cost approaches that one can use to demonstrate the power of KGs for organizations that are unfamiliar with them?
  • What are the publicly-viewable good examples of knowledge graphs in use that we can show others as examples?
  • How would you market the value of knowledge graphs to companies that are not familiar with the concept?
  • What is the role of machine learning in the generation of knowledge graphs?

They previewed some applications, one based on Linked Open Data Cloud and one in Reegle. To understand the linked open data cloud, i found this on the Medium hosted virtuoso blog, What is the Linked Open Data Cloud, and why is it important?. Virtuoso is an RDF database. I found this snip too,

The LOD Cloud is a Knowledge Graph that manifests as a Semantic Web of Linked Data.

Two further snips from the webinar are,

  1. From McKinsey, 20% of works time is spent searching, although problem not if you are a waste disposal operative.
  2. From, the Asana Anatomy of work index  2019, in Britain, 30 days i.e. a month, presumably a year is spent repeating someone else’s work

One of the lessons I have learnt is that the output of these systems is often the identity of the “expert” required and the early systems I observed were often about identifying people, not documents. This is a lesson first taught to me by Bertolt Meyer, I documented his impact on me in this article, “Knowing me, knowing you in Zurich”.

The webinar made me wish that Peter Reiser had built Sunspace on the back of RDF, perhaps it’s time to have another look at SIOC , and see if I can syndicate the wiki (and blog) via RDF.


Here’s the book, https://www.poolparty.biz/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/the-knowledge-graph-cookbook.pdf

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