I needed to go looking for something I lost on my Mac using my w10 laptop, and have forgotten how I did it before. I wanted to get RDP working and failed. Here are my notes on what I tried to do and eventually did; it involved using 3rd party apps.

TL:DR – use the Mac’s settings panel to enable the services: login, screens and file services, then install an appropriate 3rd party client on the windows machine.


First things, first, it did boot so that’s good and obtained an ip address from my wireless access gateway.

Here’s some links,

  1. How to access your mac remotely, by setapp.com, this is among other things an ad. for an app they author but the article documents how to use the Mac’s settings app to set up the Mac to act as a server for the required services.
  2. How to Access Your Mac’s Screen from Windows (and Vice-Versa), from how to geek,  deals with Mac to Windows and vice/versa for screen access, although for the latter recommends a VNC client and not MS RDP (bugger), but this is, it would seem, yet another of Apple’s proprietary fuck ups. It also deals with FTP and ssh. This isn’t what open systems is meant to be about and this is not one that we can blame Microsoft for.
  3. This is the most accessible VNC client from Real VNC, they recommend installing their server components on the server system.

I installed VNC client on my main desktop to allow me to connect to the MAC; it’s performance is shit, much worse than using the Mac for real which is now pretty poor anyway.

I use Filezilla on the windows machine and connect to the Mac using sftp.

Any of the shells available in windows terminal can invoke ssh, or you can install an app from the store.

Featured Image: Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

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