I have just reset my PC and need to re-install my packages. A package manager with an offline database would be cool, like the MS store, but for those apps not on the store, there needs to be a different answer. Here are my notes.

I did some work on this when looking at how to jump start windows, but for the consumer, this looks less than easy.

I have found the following resources, but the reality is I am reinstalling by hand. (I also f’d up and have lost my password store from the browsers – bugger!)

On installing wt.exe, I discover I want/need bash. This takes me to this on installing the WSL, and this on the store for the bash implementation. (So yet another software source).

Google found me, an article on installers/uninstallers, by Hongkiat and I rather liked, the look of ninite, although it is operates off a closed list of packages, although so does apt. NInite has a good list, but not acroread, nor ccleaner.

  1. https://npackd.appspot.com/ claims to have over 1000, packages and repo extensibility.
  2. I found, “Apt-Get for Windows – OneGet and Chocolatey on Windows 10” by Scott Hanselman, OneGet it seems is a windows feature, using the name Package Manager? Their documentation point at winget. OneGet claims to be a manger of managers and is opensource; this is what how to geek has to say about it. It’s an opensource project.
  3. I have found Cholatey before, I used on my n-2 build. Is it’s repo big enough today? I wasn’t keen last time.
  4. ccleaner offers a package updater, but only what it knows about.

Microsoft have incorporated OneGet into Windows Package Manager, Techrader comments, as does Windows Central. I remain unsure what the equivilant commands to apt-cache and add-repository are, although this suggests they are sub-commands of winget.

See also

  1. https://davelevy.info/wiki/mucking-around-until-it-breaks/
  2. https://davelevy.info/wiki/my-newest-w10-build/
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