Mucking around until it breaks

This took a lot of time, I decided to see if I could minimise the occurrence of my BSOD “UNEXPECTED STORE EXCEPTION”. This involved reinstalling my anti-virus product, changing it’s passwords and then repairing my fingerprint reader driver as a result of a Code 19 error on my fingerprint reader. FFS! 😡 Here are my notes.

  1. Google has articles blaming the anti-virus product. So I updated it and then reinstalled it using a link issued by their support desk, who took 45 minutes to respond.
  2. This process required using the password, and I couldn’t read my hand written version, so I needed to reset it. 😠
  3. When it rebooted, Windows Hello’s fingerprint sign on wasn’t working, using the Device Manager, I found under biometric devices that the device driver had a Code 19, which is a registry error; I removed/uninstalled it and the reboot reinstalled the device and re-enabled the login method.

Dealing with the Code 19

When it rebooted from the previous reconfiguration , Windows Hello’s fingerprint sign-in wasn’t working; using the Device Manager, which I found under biometric devices I discovered that the device driver had a Code 19, which is a registry error; I removed/uninstalled the device driver after checking it was up to date and the consequent reboot reinstalled the device and re-enabled the login method.

Links on Store exception

  1., at help desk geek, I tried some of these suggestions and found them unhelpful,. although he does say to check the hardware first.
  2. Possible Solutions: UNEXPECTED STORE EXCEPTION – Windows 10 by Kunmi, who talks of ensuring your software is up to date, cleaning up the disk by using chkdsk etc,, performing a boot level AV scan, reinstalling windows FFS 😡 and finally checking aspects of the hardware.

This maybe hardware related …

  2. – suggests it might be memory

Links on Memory Management

  3. q: bsod memory management

Reinstalling Windows FFS 🙄

  1. I am left with little option, How to reinstall Windows 10 without losing data , from IT Pro
  2. hen I run the installer, I get an error message, 0x80072f76 – 0x20016, helpfully Microsoft have a page on it, although I am not sure it’s so useful, their first take is that the recovery program is corrupted. amd comments suggest it might be bitlocker; do I have it?
  3. However it is be that I used the wrong program, [Settings] → [Reset my PC] seems to work. What sort of shit build has two installers, one that doesn’t work. I reset the PC today 14 Sep 2021.

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  1. I have run the disk scanners recommended in Kunmi’s walkthrough, and also disabled fast start, as he recommends. It’s audit the drivers next.

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