This took a lot of time, I wanted to reduce the occurrence of my BSOD “UNEXPECTED STORE EXCEPTION“. This involved reinstalling my anti-virus product, changing it’s passwords and then repairing my fingerprint reader driver as a result of a Code 19 error on my fingerprint reader. I then worked through the steps suggested here. This led me to suspect the hard disk (SSD) and finally to reset the operating system. I had been postponing the last item as previous experience had been terrible. (Once I got to the right version of the reset program), it was easier than I expected. I document the reinstallation of packages here. Otherwise here are my notes.

The big lesson here is that you may need to reinstall/reset windows. It’s much easier than it once was.

  1. Google has articles blaming the anti-virus product. So I updated it and then reinstalled it using a link issued by their support desk, who took 45 minutes to respond.
  2. This process required using the password, and I couldn’t read my hand written version, so I needed to reset it. 😠
  3. When it rebooted, Windows Hello’s fingerprint sign on wasn’t working, using the Device Manager, I found under biometric devices that the device driver had a Code 19, which is a registry error; I removed/uninstalled it and the reboot reinstalled the device and re-enabled the login method.

Dealing with the Code 19

When it rebooted from the previous reconfiguration , Windows Hello’s fingerprint sign-in wasn’t working; using the Device Manager, which I found under biometric devices I discovered that the device driver had a Code 19, which is a registry error; I removed/uninstalled the device driver after checking it was up to date and the consequent reboot reinstalled the device and re-enabled the login method.

Links on Store exception

  1., at help desk geek, I tried some of these suggestions and found them unhelpful,. although he does say to check the hardware first.
  2. Possible Solutions: UNEXPECTED STORE EXCEPTION – Windows 10 by Kunmi, who talks of ensuring your software is up to date, cleaning up the disk by using chkdsk etc,, performing a boot level AV scan, reinstalling windows FFS 😡 and finally checking aspects of the hardware.

This maybe hardware related …

  2. – suggests it might be memory
  3. While this, suggests it might be the disk, which in my case is an SSD, however, the diagnostics they recommend have already been used.

Links on Memory Management

  3. q: bsod memory management

Reinstalling Windows FFS 🙄

  1. I am left with little option, How to reinstall Windows 10 without losing data , from IT Pro
  2. hen I run the installer, I get an error message, 0x80072f76 – 0x20016, helpfully Microsoft have a page on it, although I am not sure it’s so useful, their first take is that the recovery program is corrupted. amd comments suggest it might be bitlocker; do I have it?
  3. However it is be that I used the wrong program, [Settings] → [Reset my PC] seems to work. What sort of shit build has two installers, one that doesn’t work. I reset the PC today 14 Sep 2021.

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  1. I have run the disk scanners recommended in Kunmi’s walkthrough, and also disabled fast start, as he recommends. It’s audit the drivers next.

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