As I have said, I don’t like Crafting in my fantasy fiction; it’s not what I see as heroic, although there are some stories that make something of it, for instance the centre of De Laurentis’ “Conan the Barbarian” is the riddle of steel and weapon forging is a small  part of the story, and there’s Griswold, the Blacksmith from Tristram with his pride in the weapons of men. It seems that it’s needed in the NWN2 Official Campaign. The recipes are found in books and the material components are found all over the shop, often by killing monsters.

Critical components include jewels, spells, ‘essences’ and other monster remains.

Essences can be engineered; crafting might be more interesting than I thought.

Caelryna, the drow merchant will sell a pestle & mortar, which you need to mix essences. She needs to be rescued from prison in the Fire Giant’s Chief’s canyon on Mount Galardrym. I am unclear if there is another source for the pestle & mortar in the official campaign, more time with the Craftmaster in Fort Locke might have been beneficial.

The spell caster needs the “Craft Magical Arms and Armour feat, which requires 5th level spell casting. Hint: If you plan to do some magical crafting, make sure that the necessary characters have this feat. They maybe NPC’s depending on your class.


Here are some links that might help,

  1. All the recipes at
  2. a thread on finding essences at gamefaqs , not so helpful, the advice is to  kill elementals, or find them in shops 🙁

and here are some more

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An add on at

Maybe some more later, I am off to make sword!

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