About fighting Tholapsyx,  the ancient Red Dragon. We are looking for the Belt of the Ironfist Clan so that we can recruit the Dwarves to the Neverwinter Alliance. This is started at the Iron Fist stronghold where we get more of Khelgar’s backstory; he is a compulsory party companion for the Ironfist caves and Mount Galardrym  This post contains spoilers, although  not much, since you are unlikely to be looking for this if you found the fight easy; it also has some notes and links and uses some of the same words as in my diary/walkthrough.

I also did this as the last of the alliance building visits, after the Druids, the Lizard men and the Wendesneven but before the Fire Giant chief, whom I did not meet before the dragon. (I was impatient).  At the Ironfist caves, you should also be offered a Major Ring of Fire Resistance. The shopkeeper in the Tower of the Never Winter Nine at Crossroads Keep will sell you Red Dragon Armour. When fighting a Red Dragon, fire resistance or immunity is pretty useful. You should have the Book of Fire which will describe how to make Armour of Fire Resistance. See the my walkthrough & my crafting post for my comments on crafting.


I, have so far, failed to beat Tholapsyx with me, a 17th Level Barbarian, Khelgar, Sand & Elanee. (I found the two black dragons at Nolaloth’s Valley much easier with an extra level and swapping Khelgar for Zhjaeve, although that may be because they are easier.)

This article at Sorcerer’s place offers their advice, which involves buffing including maximising spell immunity to Fire, (wonder if Qara has those) , and using Greater Spell Breach , don’t think I have that, early; at some point she goes invisible which makes her hard to hit. More advice at the Steam User’s forum suggest that Isaac’s missile storm is good, and Game Banshee recommends arcane spells. This advice comes from GameFaqs, the right immunities, “Fire”, the right attacks, arcane and melee. A lately discovered piece of advice is that Sand’s shapeshift into a Horned Devil makes for a spectacular and allegedly successful fight.

I cheated and was able to observe that my 17th level barbarian with skill focus and improved critical with a Great Sword was still having difficult hitting her, although these observations were taken while using the Champion’s Fist.

My Barbarian is armour restricted and carries a +3 Sword. If running a fighting class, maybe better choices can be made.

I need to experiment a bit with the weapon used, as the Barbarian has specialised in Great Sword (I used the Gem Sword). which means that a shield can’t be used and I felt I needed to pick up one; some of the advice linked to above suggests that Khelgar,  however, can hurt her. (I didn’t swap him to Monk; he remains a Fighter.) I need to read the rules on Power Attack, it’s different in NWN2, some commentators suggest that the increase in damage is free i.e. there is no reduction in chance to hit, but that the increase in damage is doubled for two handed weapons. Even with a reduction in to hit bonus, the doubling of the damage with a two handed sword might make this much more worthwhile; I usually consider hitting something more important than the damage done.

It maybe that one should craft a +5 weapon and maybe some fire resistant armour before the fight, in which case you’d better have picked up a pestle and mortar (if available) in the earlier acts or you will need to rescue Caelryna Seerar from the Fire Giant Chief. i.e. maybe you should do the Chief and the Dragon in a different order to me. You’ll need spell casters with the correct spells and the Craft Magical Arms and Armour feat.

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