Cross Cultural Management, is this such a thing? Here are my links and notes …


Eryn Meyer seems to have the collective mindshare on authoring & thinking on this, or at least the google footprint,

  1. Navigating the cultural minefield by Meyer in HBR 2014, an interesting story about Latin scheduling.
  2. A pair of blogs, by Yulia Bondar, an Eastern European in the Netherlands on cross cultural recruitment, guided by Meyer’s Map. Part I & Part II, which includes a Russian map.
  3. Meyer’s book, The Culture Map, on her site and at Amazon.
  4. A software tool at, for which there’s no free version $4.00 for 24 hours
  5. I found this review of the book on by Kieran Earley, or at least on his site. It has an amusing anglo-dutch translator table in it.

On speaking to Graham Fletcher, I was pointed at Hofstede and his models and theories. On the Hofstede’s wikipediaa page, they say.

Hofstede’s work established a major research tradition in cross-cultural psychology and has also been drawn upon by researchers and consultants in many fields

I wrote a short ello snip., reminding me of the time my colleague was criticised for apologising too profusely.

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