I started a new game, and am running a Monk, because the game, called “Bad Habits” is made for one. Here are my notes …

Gamefaqs have a short piece, and advise Weapon Focus, Power Critical and Improve Critical,  Dodge and Toughness. They also recommend Cleave for which you need Power Attack, which by itself is not so useful to a monk.

Here’s Lord Fenton Gaming’s video guide, which is NWN1 but he recommends, Heal & Discipline + the sneaky skills inc. tumble, and persuade if you want. Starts with Dodge & Luck of the Heroes for humans, but otherwise picks the attack feats, weapon focus, critical, and defensive, toughness, mobility.

The game is called “Bad Habits”, narf narf and I have got to the point where I have three companions, a Swashbuckler, Sorcerer and Favoured Soul. I have never used these before; the Sorcerer seems pretty awesome, this piece describes the Favoured Soul as a Sorcerer with divine spells. The Favoured Soul does not stay with you long, and is several levels less than you.

The Monk does get an AC bonus based on Wisdom.

I found this on Reddit about fighting with Monks.

There are some comments on Kims spell choice in the comments thread, and I have created a hint for the fight at the top of the Red Tower.

The comments have spoilers for the ultra-sensitive; mainly about how to play D&D. I should try and put them in modal. One Day? 7/8/2021

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  1. I got lost after meeting the Nyad in the Deeper Forest, I was chasing Shana Meadows. I needed to find a piece of worn turf, just off the path in the Deeper Forest up in the North East corner. I spent a long time looking for it and needed help.

  2. Your companion sorcerer dies too easily, I need to balance the personal protection spells, with party buffing spells, party debuffing might be good and of course damage dealing spells. Kimmie is awesome but it’s a learning curve, I’ve not played with a sorcerer before, but fights are easier if she stays alive. I have learned a lot about playing arcane spell casters from watching critical role and treantmonk’s you tube channels. Treantmonk introduced me to the concept of a “God Wizard” which is something of the antithesis of how I usually sought to play mages.

  3. Right. The first wizard duel, I knew it was coming but have I got there too early? Will this help? Or should I have picked up some more debuffs at the last level up?

    I have now added a hint, I was nearly there, the ideas in the link above, I am not so sure about and this is a wizard on wizard duel, the other party members are out of action, so we can’t doing with melee as the main damage capability.

  4. On the floor below the top, one comes across a lab with a blacksmith’s table and a magician’s table. Using the pestle and mortar on obvious components yields essences of varying levels of power. If you grind an essence, it creates more but smaller essences, I think. Faint essences can’t be ground. You should have found the crafting instructions. Sadly, I do not have owl’s wisdom or resist energy which make a lot of good things. However, Kim is my crafter, and she is at 13th level and not yet ready to make the +6 items.

    The party is well equipped but I wish I had got rid of most of the magical weapons. Weight is becoming a problem.

    But we shall move on without crafting magical items.

  5. Hmm. A mage/sorcerer via its spell selection can specialise in several ways and as you travel through an adventure. Whether you’re fighting, undead, humanoids & monsters or other magic users, the spell mix one needs varies. With a sorcerer, one’s ability to swap out spells is limited, and so the first choice is important. Kim needs to consider hit point boosting and restorative (i.e. health giving) magic, although later, in the game, potions become easy to find. (I may have said this before.)

    Charms, mind control and death magic don’t work against undead. You need spell breach and mind attack spells to attack the mages, ideally anti-magic protections also.

    I may have adopted the anti-mage spells too late, although I got through the Red Tower, but not well; see above in the comments and the hint.

    Hmmm. This game seems very much about how one levels up the Sorcerer and one thing I have learnt is that in tight fights, one needs to optimise the attack towards the monster’s weakness. This could be the true challenge of this game i.e. DnD.

    Another lesson for me comes from Treantmonk’s Temple; I have always played a blaster, and this may not be the best way to play an arcane spell caster. Most of these spells have a saving throw, and most of them have a specific damage type, and most of them only last for 1 round. Given when you get them, they are not that powerful vs typical enemies once you level up again, as they do not scale up as well as the monsters do. In order to diversify damage type one needs two spells, so two slots for one effective round, not so good.

  6. The big lizards with magic immunity in the Jungle, where you can’t rest. I’ll need to buff the fighters, and this is why you need nature spells, so the attack is indirect. (Cloudkill?) I am told that MR doe not work against spells with an attack roll, such as shocking grasp or firebolt? and those without a saving throw such as magic missile. I need to check out the buffing spells too, keep the fighters alive and boost their attacks. It’s probably too late to get some summoning spells; we have Drow coming up too, they also have magic resistance 🙁

    With the Lizards, do I need to ultra-manage the party and make sure I bring them down one at a time.

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