I finished my second run through Neverwinter Nights the other week, with a Barbarian called Dello. I started with a low charisma, but its not a good idea to take a low charisma character through this game, a number of story lines are not available and there’s not a lot of compensation, well apart from the extra attributes. Anyway, I cheated his charisma up using Leto.

When talking to Aribeth in Port Llast, I was a bit short with her and she stopped talking to me. Never mind I was travelling with the amazing Linu who I came to appreciate and she reciprocated, although you have to say “You complete me” Vom!. However when I met Aribeth for the final showdown I couldn’t convince her to give herself up even with a bunch of potions of splendour. Sadly the obvious conclusion to that conversation occurred.

I focused on travelling with Linu.

I experimented with FRAPS, and created the following video, of his fight with the Fire Giant Chief, posted now on You Tube,

The final fight

I have redone the final fight now, my Paladin strategy was to charge in, smack the statue, kill the protection avatar and then kill Morag, this led to Sharwyn’s death. A similar fate befalls Linu when I try this strategy. With Dello & Linu, before entering the penultimate chamber, and using the Henchman AI enhancement, I tell Linu to preserve her spells, and use her cross bow until attacked. My barbarian, Dello, used Asheara’s amulet and bastard sword and shield and basically killed the Old One Cleric and his acolytes by himself. This left all of Linu’s spells for the last room. Its important to reset the AI to use spells and then melee. So ask Linu to buff up the party, use whatever potions add value including the potion of speed and clarity. It might be sensible to let Linu use Asheara’s amulet at this point, although I didn’t. Then, kill a Hand, kill a minion, smash the statue, destroy the avatar protecting from spears, using the Uthgardt Ceremonial Spear, (you may have time to kill the avatar protecting her from Maces as well; I had the Ice Reaver, and it’ll help Linu later), then kill the second hand who will be giving Linu a hard time by now, kill the second minion, rebuff with potions and finally kill Morag. I also used the Uthgardt ceremonial belt which protects against death magic.

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