Der Spiegel reports on Three & Vodafone’s blocking of the Chaos Computer Club, with the headline, “British Porn Filter blocks the CCC web site.” This page is a Google Translate version in English as I cannot find their English language report. It refers to the open rights group’s site which documents the blocks. This takes you to the Google translate page.

Hamburg On the website of the German Chaos Computer Club, there is no pornography. The page is used as a mouthpiece of the association, whose members have already advised the Constitutional Court and the Bundestag. You can find out about events such as the turn of the year pending Chaos Communications Congress in Hamburg there, donate the club magazine Datenschleuder” or subscribe for club work. Unless one is British and has its Internet access provider, Vodafone or Three.

In the UK, new customers will be asked for some time setting up your Internet access if they really want to have access to pornography. They deny that the default porn filter is activated, which then filters out based on black lists offers from the data stream. For some time there has been criticism that again and again also be blocked pages that have nothing to do with pornography. In any case, the filter has long since been extended: It also be detected thematic references to suicide, guns and violence, gambling, drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

On a black site lists the pages seem and, at the provider Vodafone, also landed yet This showed regular tests carried out by the organization Open Rights Group. Christian Horchert explained by the CCC on request from SPIEGEL ONLINE that measure one could not explain, but we will ask the provider why they have done and ask to unlock“.

British porn filter was from the beginning in the criticism because of its widespread use and the need to explicitly come out as a potential porn consumer, as well as because of the possibility of “over-blocking”, ie an overly rigid filter practice. That of all the pages of the Chaos Computer Club, which has always been committed to network access and against filtering mechanisms are now on Over Blocking victims, not without a certain irony.


The featured image is from, in an article on the CCC here … .

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