It’s been a while since I looked at get satisfaction and user voice. Both are now focused at selling to the supplier and it would seem that one can no longer take a single whinger view.  This page was deprecated in Nov 2020.(Or at least with getsatisfaction, the “my favourites page” is broken so I don’t know, but with user voice, you are left to keep your own records; this may have always been the case.)

My getsatisfaction engagement is a while ago and the services that used it seem to have all gone, plazes, ovi, tweetpros & living Social.) getsatisfaction has common forums platform see here…. Wonder what happens if you don’t want the conversations public.

With user voice, I found Tom Watson’s Digital Pledges,  Docivo use it but I seem to have forgotten the others and google doesn’t help, possibly because they are are not a single domain, however, they do have a single identity domain.

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  1. Some of the links 503’d today. The page is over 7 years old, although wikipedia says getsatisfaction is still operating although it now has facebook functionality. I shall mark this page deprecated.

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