The issue of digital identity was raised as a CTOE meeting; so what’s happening …

What do people think?

  1. Europe-fit-digital-age, European-digital-identity on the Commission site
  2. Three news articles, We need more protection government surveillance not less also EU Commission’s gross violation of privacy – endangering-encryption, at Politico and Pegasus scandal: Are we all becoming unknowing spies? at the BBC. This, EU’s contempt for encryption puts all Europeans at risk, from Euractiv.
  3. EDRI are of course on the case, with their campaign “keep-it-secure”
  4. Bruce on ID cards, he seems to have given up on the issue, but he has published this, The_limits_of_identity which xrefs a paper by Mason & Bohm in 2010.
  5. The coming EU legislation, on encryption and the message carriers has attracted much criticism, at politico from the Pirate Party, and on this personal blog., and here. It maybe that the European Pirate Party are the best resource on this, they are part of the Green Left group in the European Parliament. They currently have three Czech, and one German MEP[s].

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