UK Petitions, are they worth it. A petition at the parliamentary site, 10,000 gets a response, 100,000 is considered for debate in Parliament, albeit, not usually on the floor of the

  1. What is the point of petitions written in 2017, by Christina Leston-Bandiera, a fan of the parliamentary process, but writes of the 6m signature EU petition as a protest, worthy of being ignored. She argues that even a Westminster Hall debate becomes a focus for political activity and brings attention to MPs, except where it doesn’t as in the 6,1m anti-brexit petition.
  2. Petitions in the UK by the commons library a landing page for a mainly statistical report on the pre- and post-epetition process. The largest petitions being, two on the Brexit, one opposing Trumps visit, and one on opposition to road pricing.
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