DOT & Graphviz

I was introduced to DOT and Graphviz. This might be useful for building dependency charts. I particularly like the radial display.

Two links,

  1. DOT (graph description language)
  3. Graphviz Example: Radial Layout

A note on how to use twopi. the radial graph generator

Here’s a mirror of the User Manual. 20 March 2015.

It seems to be broken on more recent versions of the Mac, documented on their download page. I have tried the macports install and nothing. (I say nothing, there is an application but it won’t open files. Does this leave me with, docker or Ubuntu in Virtual Box, but does it have the gui? graphviz-gui was the macports keyword. Otherwise, do I want to write a TCL/TK script, maybe python? Hell Yes, but it’s really easy to use the command line.

I used it to make the graph in the article on Crossroads Keep.

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