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I bought Ben a copy of the AD&D 5e Starter Pack for Xmas, let’s hope he reciprocates by asking me to join in, although how to do that while’s he’s abroad might be fun … need to check out NWN worlds. Here are some notes ….

Here’s the original D&D artwork

NWN about which I have written is/was based on the 3E rules, Baldur’s Gate, also on this wiki is based on the 2e rules, and there’s one or two more things I have posted, such as this, on 3e saving throws.

I have written a bit about it on this wiki, and partly because of Ben’s present, got caught up in the 2018-20 reawakening, which may have been provoked by Critical Role. where I have finally caught up with Campaign 2. They have a fan site, Critical Role fan Wiki and http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/ is useful for reminding me of new rules or those I have forgotten.

I found a 3rd Party character generator site, which seemed to be a work in progress,  called orcpub2!. This is seems was always skating on the edges of even the 2010’s more liberal IP custody by WOTC and has now gone away; the orcpub2 code might have been rescued, but I lost a couple of characters on that site.

There’s quite a lot of stuff on the history of D&D which I tried to contribute a little to in this  article on my  blog.

Not so open, a Bioware take on open source

One losing orcpub2, I went to D&D Beyond, where I have a couple of characters which I might play, one of them an attempt at my my first ever character.

I fancy having an airship; they have rules!

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