I was asked if I wanted to work in Germany, and sadly took too long to say, “Yes”. I was wondering what impact Brexit would have on such an opportunity. If the UK, agrees the Govt’s withdrawal agreement, there is a two year transitional agreement, which I think means that “Freedom of Movement” will continue to apply. But otherwise … 

I was curious as to whether Estonia’s e-residence programme would make things easier to deliver service contracts in the other member states, but it seems not although it seems strange, that I could set up an Estonian company to sell time on computers I have bought or rented but not to visit the customer and sell my time. The Estonian Govt. blog about the programme on Medium and their home page for the programme is here.

Here’s what the Germans have to say about 3rd country work permits.

It seems that as Brit’s we’ll need to use the “other countries” queue at passport control if we sign no deal.

Image Credit: Image by Rainer Süvirand from Pixabay

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