I use Feedburner to manage my “subcribe by mail” service. I have been upset/surprised to find that some of the verification mails and even the subscription requests fail. I have some time on my hands so, here are my notes. 

I have a number of subscription requests marked as unverified.

A number of people (2) complain that they don’t receive the verification mails, although recent testing showed that gmail deliveries were almost instantaneous while hotmail took over 20 mins. Outlook has been successfully tested as has Yahoo mail.

There is some evidence that the subscription process which requires a captcha test is browser sensitive and would seem to discriminate against opera and phone browsers. It’s f’ing difficult to use the captcha on the phone. So current workround is to use chrome on the desktop.

The feedburner twitter account has been merged with @google, this is the google support resource for feedburner. I have been browsing the publicize forum which is unmoderated and unusably filled with adverts for irrelevant products. The forum is advertised as unmoderated and sadly google groups do not allow a filter with the NOT operator and so one can’t filter for all with replies > 1.

I have sent a tweet to see if there’s anything better but many are saying that feedburner will go the way of many other google products that fail to win the race to massive market share, on the other hand, some say it’s too important i.e. pervasive to kill.


Here’s some links that say it’s over for feedburner

  1. Stop Using FeedBurner – Move to FeedBurner Alternatives from wpbeginner, more a follow me, rather then a serious risk analysis, it probably applies to corporate publishers rather then blogs like mine.
  2. Google’s Forgotten Service: How FeedBurner Became a Zombie, from Vice, but they feel it’s too important for even google to kill.

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