My original article in 2015 pointed at the fanclub’s grive, this ceased to work on my elementary build and so with some googling I found an alternative. NB I moved from elementary to ubuntu in 2019. I revisited this in 2023, while using Ubuntu 22. For U22 this is now integrated and accessed via online accounts in the settings applet. We may see some time if these notes are still needed for Elementary.

These notes may no longer be useful. See how to install google drive at stackexchange and installed grive 2, which looks like it needs rc files


It seems that googledrive integration with Linux is going to be weak for some reason, it can’t be because it’s hard given the Linux expertise that exists in the company and they seem not to be implementing WEBDAV. This is a bit of a pain as I’d love to use the default file managers on my Linux builds. However, google publish a developer API and Nautilus is open source. It could be done. The howtogeek article points at the “drive” github page. It’s written in go.

There is an alternative, grive.

I am trying to install grive-tools on my elementary build. The install command doesn’t work and when I use http to explore the repo, it seems that it’s empty.  I need to return to this.


Examination of the sources.list.d file and repo implies that elementary OS is currently U12…precise pangolin, and that the repo files are empty.

The fan club explicitly address U12 in the page,  “How to install Grive Tools on Ubuntu 12.04 64bit“.

They need different version of libjson and yajl.  Even after upgrading the libraries using their instructions, the install off grive and the tools failed with missing dependencies. I had to perform the following commands, but after that we have what looks like a working grive on elementary.

sudo apt-get -f install
sudo apt-get install python-pyinotify expect
cd ~/Downloads/grive-tools
sudo dpkg -i *.deb ; # this is the install command \
                       recommended by the fan club
sudo updatedb

When using virtual machines, it is important to factor the Gdrive cache into the disk sizing calculations. If you need to increase the disk size, then this page, describes the process if using Virtual Box.

It describes the use of gpartd well.

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