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git & github

git & github

I finally got a git account, my site is here. This page is about how to, but does not have any command runes. They are held elsewhere. This page was stated in 2011 and I have returned to using git at several times over the years. I tidied up the page in Feb 2019 and Nov 2022, transferring some out of date text to comments.

This page is being updated to document how to use 2FA.


  1. Git Credential Manager, a how to at github,com
  2. Install instructions inc package repos at, there is no Raspberry Pi/arm version, I may need to use the source code version. I have asked for help at
    1. Credential stores, on Linux, the GCM has helpers.This page documents how to install gpg and pass as helpers.
    2., how to install a Linux .NET tool, I have not done this yet.
    3., how to install by OS, we need Debian
    4., hosts the code, .deb or in tar or source.
  3. About remote repositories, how to get access tokens FFS
  5. Will I need this, .NET from MS? Or this?

Some Links

I found these links

To find these I did, a google “how to use git”, I also read the man page,  I should check this out, , it looks very good but does not contain a how to use 2FA.  I originally created a commands page and posted them to my Using GIT page ; it is now out of date, since github introduced 2FA.

On Branches & Versions


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  1. ReplyAuthorDave
    How to add a revision git clone $URL make the changes and test, include version control block git status git add {filename} git commit -m 'commit message' git push # to update the master
  2. ReplyAuthorDave
    I copied the links from the macports page.
  3. ReplyAuthorDave
    I updated the git client on my windows machine as the one installed failed due to an ssh version issue. I installed from git scm.
  4. ReplyAuthorDave
    I removed this comment today, it explained how I got the links in the link list. "These comments have been moved from the Planet Planet page and the comments there simplified. (They were written probably in 2011). They were written while installing Planet Venus for the first few times. I used git to install Venus, and plan to use it to update it. I found the following links useful, or ought to have," I also removed this, "from in April 2018." which implies that my original git documents were on the macports page as I wrote a script to manage 'port' and when I retired the Mac, I posted the code to github and mde this article it seems,
  5. ReplyAuthorDave
    I added the link on branch & merge.
  6. ReplyAuthorDave
    I updated the page today, retiring some content, or copying it here at least. I also inserted some links about 2FA. I note that one of the drivers for git’s adoption was its community size, and that the download interface is now much easier than sourceforge. It has a Wikipedia page, and I moved & to this comment.

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