How much has the EU changed since Jan 20, the day the UK left. As ever, notes and links although I drift a bit into the old opt-outs…

Anton Spisak, considers the changes or at least hints about it, I hope he keeps his promise to write something, although he seems to be one of the pessimists, probably because he still wants some of the opt-outs. My first take on the opt-outs is in an article entitled, Brexit’s over, it’s just about the mopping-up now, and a second go in “Mercantilist acquiescence-is not enough“, in which I argue giving up on the opt-outs is an important step in proving our willingness for a proper relationship.

Niall O’Conghaile also writes trenchantly on twitter, making I think similar points. I am not sure if he’s saying it’s unlikely we’ll rejoin, or we won;t until we recognise the interests of the new EU and its member states.

Here’s Richard Corbett, at an AEIP meeting, he’s more optimistic,

The EU have a page, describing the legislative changes since the UK left. I might do an analysis.

This on digital wallets for documents is worrying.

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