Labour have are investigating Neal Lawson for a prohibited act, the reality is no-one is safe. Here are some notes and links….

This was for an act undertaken in 2021, presumably in the spring or early summer, at which time the 2020 rules applied and there was a different NCC, although there was no right of appeal in the 2020 rules.

This suggests that Moran was talking about the Oxford City elections, in which one current member of the NEC, was a candidate and another will have played an important role. I’d suggest silence was good advice and that they should recuse themselves.

Here’s a link to two others, who campaigned against Labour, at least one of whom is back in.

I do not agree with the words used by either of these correspondents, although it is clear that some thing Neal Lawson is too far, rather than that the campaign of expulsions and exclusions is wrong.

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