I wanted to offer a seamless install experience for my Perils of Branwen (Mod), so I asked Jason Compton’s help from PPG to configure the Nullsoft Scriptable Install System. It hangs out here at sourceforge. This page is part of the documentation of the Perils of Branwen mod.

# Nullsoft SuperPiMP (NSIS) Script File
# Generated by superPiMP wizard [http://manavmax.tripod.com/]
# (C)2001 Manav Rathi [manavmax@rediffmail.com]
# Its deeply rude to remove comment lines so I haven't
# I obtained this from Jason Compton [http://www.pocketplane.net/]
# Version 1.0 Initial Version DFL
# Prepared for V 8.05 Perils of Branwen

# [Installer Attributes]
Name "Perils of Branwen V 08.05" 
OutFile "POB-SoaV0805d.exe" 
Caption "" 
BrandingText ""

# [Additional Installer Settings ] 
ShowInstDetails show AutoCloseWindow false 
SilentInstall normal 
CRCCheck on 
SetCompress auto 
SetCompressor bzip2 
SetDatablockOptimize on 
SetOverwrite on

# [Background Gradient] 
# Top Bottom Heading 
BGGradient 336663 66cc00 FFFFFF 
# top color was 996633 ffcc33 FFFFFF

# [Files] 
Section "default" 
SetOutPath $INSTDIR 
File "C:Program FilesBlack IsleBGII - SoASetup-POB.exe" 
File "C:Program FilesBlack IsleBGII - SoASetup-POB.tp2" 
File /r "C:Program FilesBlack IsleBGII - SoAPob" SectionEnd

# [Directory Selection] 
InstallDir "$PROGRAMFILESBG2 - SoA" 
# This looks wrong, surely should be ${PF}BlackIsle

# [Finding the BGII install path] 
    InstallDirRegKey HKLM "SoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionApp PathsBG2Main.Exe" 

# DirShow show 
DirText "Select your default BGII - SoA directory."

;called when the installer is nearly finished initializing 
Function .onInit

;message box 
MessageBox MB_YESNO "This will install Perils of Branwen V08 05 Dev. Continue?" IDYES NoAbort 

;called when the user hits the 'cancel' button 
Function .onUserAbort 
MessageBox MB_YESNO "Abort install?" IDYES 
NoCancelAbort Abort 

;called when the install was successful 
Function .onInstSuccess 
Exec "$INSTDIRSetup-POB.exe" 


This doesn’t look right, snipsnap didn’t handle the back slash well, and the copy action may have distorted the syntax, if spaces and start of line are syntactically relevant.

I need to find the script and upload it here.

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