And now we’re on the runway to #lab19. Let’s see if I can make it 4 in a row.

Here’s the first tranche of documents,

  1. NEC Annual Report 2019, and the Finance pages only
  2. NPF Report 2019
  3. Delegates Report 2019a
  4. How Conference Works A Guide for Delegates


  1. Motions for Conference, a pre-conference publication
  2. CAC 1 … Saturday 21st here …, first report, includes all the proposed rule changes.
  3. CAC 2 … Sunday 22nd here …, includes the card vote results from the previous day.
  4. CAC3 … Monday 23rd here … inc. NEC statement on Brexit and the Composite Motions on Brexit
  5. CAC4 … Tuesday 24th here … timetable, motions inc. Green New Deal and an Addendum here …, which publishes the revised schedule to cope with the Supreme Court Ruling and the rescheduling of the Leader’s Speech.
  6. CAC5 …  Wednesday 25th here…, agenda, motions, pre-notified reference backs and among other things the lab19 conference standing orders; … Standing Orders for Party Conference lab19, I made a stand-alone version from the CAC report.

I had a CAC document, a record of decisions, shared with me. I don’t know its status, but shared here for completeness.

  1. Lab 19 Record of decisions

These may change, but shouldn’t. Enjoy

I had need to ‘cut out’ composite 20 on immigration, … download … or

Here’s a youtube link, that should have the proceedings recorded for the curious, I made a playlist of the videos.

Here’s the link to my Labour Conference 18 repo, here’s the Labour Party’s Page and here’s the link to Seema Chandwani’s repo.


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  1. I made a surl and documented it as a permalink as there was a spelling mistake in the title and thus the original title field.

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