And now we have #lab22, starting on Sunday, here are my notes …

The Basics

Here’s the basics,

  1. Delegates Report 2022
  2. ‘How Conference Works’
  3. NEC report inc. Finances
  4. NPF Report 2022
  5. Standing Orders for Conference
  6. Record of decisions

Agenda items

  1. CAC 1, CAC 1 Addendum, Sunday, and on youtube
  2. CAC 2, CAC 2 Addendum Monday, and on youtube
  3. CAC 3 Tuesday, and on youtube
  4. CAC 4 Wednesday, and on youtube

Yellow Pages

  1. Sunday 25th (email as .pdf) (leaflet as pdf)
  2. Monday 26th (email .pdf) (leaflet as pdf)
  3. Tuesday 27th (email .pdf) (leaflet as pdf)
  4. Wednesday 28th (HTML) (leaflet as pdf)


  1. The Momentum/CLPD guide, (my mirror)
  2. And Labour Left Internationalist’s bulletins, General and Energy
  3. Deadlines @
  4. The web view of the LP app data, which can be obtained at the android Labour Conference App.

It’s to be held in Liverpool


  1. Some notes on motions to Labour conference 2022 by Momentum Left Internationalists
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