I have had to think about this too much over the last year; and it keeps coming. Here are my notes, mainly about, Boris Johnson as PM & Mayor of London and the Nolan Principles. …

  1. The Nolan Principles on .gov.uk
  2. Boris Johnson, as Mayor of London, on the Nolan Principles, “I support the Nolan principles. I support the Nolan sisters! I support Sidney Nolan! I do indeed.”
  3. The Nolan Principles by the good Govt , “Introduced in 1995 by the UK government, Committee on Standards in Public Life, these important values are enshrined in codes of conduct across the public sector, from schools and government departments to hospitals.”
  4. https://yorkshirebylines.co.uk/ministerial-code-conservative-cabinet/
  5. https://politicalquarterly.blog/2019/12/24/we-live-in-a-post%E2%80%90nolan-age-and-boris-johnson-is-its-embodiment/
  6. https://www.opendemocracy.net/en/dark-money-investigations/ministerial-code-ministers-interests-downing-street-refurb/

I have written a couple of blog articles on the issue of corrution, some about Boris Johnson as Mayor, and some about the law, I have also written about how good IT security controls prevent corruption and other financial crime.

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