So looking at the NWN wikia, here’s the sword I want, +5, Vampiric Regeneration, with Holy Damage. What to call it? Evil’s Bane?[1] Holy Life Stealer? Never been sure about Life Stealing as a ‘Good’ act but when playing the computer you rarely get rewarded for such fastidiousness.

I have just finished the Iron Fist clan storyline, killed the dragons and rescued Caelryna Seerar who has sold me the pestle and mortar. I then travelled to Port Llast and bought the Gloves of the Artificer from Nya and then to the Neverwinter merchants quarter where I bought a standard non magical Greatsword from Bill Logan, the weapon smith in Neverwinter. I think that starting from scratch will make it easier to control the limits on crafting; a weapon may only have three enchantments.

Enhancements need elemental essences, a jewel and a spell. The order of power for the essences, is from weak to strong, is faint, weak, glowing, and radiant. They can be made by combining two of its immediate inferiors. Place the two elements on the Alchemical Workbench and use the pestle and mortar.

To make the sword +5 to hit and hurt, I need a glowing power & air essences, together with a blue diamond and the spell light. I have the jewel, and Sand and Elanee can cast light. I have neither of the essences. Essences can also be made using other magical components. Using the Pestle & Mortar on the Ghast Claws gives me a glowing power and weak air essence/claw i.e. I have three weak air essences. Combining two of these should give me my glowing air essence.

To add holy damage enhancement on top of the blades’ damage needs faint power & fire essence, a diamond and cure critical wounds. I have the diamond and Elanee, at least, can cast the spell. Faint Power can be crafted using one of Bladeling Spike, Umber Hulk mandible, or Ghoul Claws, faint fire with demon or devil blood, or an imp stinger.

To add vampiric regeneration (+5), I need radiant power & fire essences, a Bejuril and the spell enervation. This is an arcane spell, at level 4, and Sand has this. Radiant Fire essence is created using a Fire Giant’s Head, and Radiant Power is created using dragon blood or lich dust

So the party would seem to need to be me, Grobnar, Sand and Elanee.

Grobnar for the crafting enhancement via songs and spells.

Sand and Elanee for the spell components but it seems they need, “Craft Magical Arms and Armor” feat. They don’t acquire this of their own accord, one would need to override the choices made for you. Qara is two levels behind, this means I can make a +5 & the vampiric regeneration, but I need to find a way of casting Cure Critical Wounds with a character possessing the feat. For story reasons it should be Sand and not Qara. I’d need to rebuild Sand’s last level! Bother, although this might help.


So if you’re going to do this, you need to start earlier than I did, but you can’t perform the alchemy until you’ve released Caelryna Seerar and you don’t have much time. You get an almost equivalent blade shortly after anyway!

master blade

[1] amazing

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