I want a splash screen on this page. See also this post. This article documents my experiments with Kento Splash Screen.

If the short code is before the More line, then it appears on the Home, if after only if one enters the page itself. (So make a tiny article that looks like part of the header and pin it? We now have some PHP, see below/overleaf. )

The authors have a fremium business model and so we must question the commitment to the free.

The splash screen is not responsive; it looks poor on small screens.

I have installed the “Hello Simpsons” plugin, and the short code seems not to be interpreted.

It renders inline CSS, I am not sure yet, how to use CSS from the style sheet i.e. the encapsulating DIV name is not documented, or I haven’t found it. It will render HTML, is it restricted like wordpress, but <BR> & <HR> both seem to work.

There may be a bug placing it on the home page. Someone else has reported it on the wordpress forums but they don’t seem to reply there. (After searching a bit harder, on the wordpress forums, I found this, which documents the php. Need to try this.)


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