I have taken to wasting my time with Sim City on my phone,called SCBuildIt. It’s reminiscent of Sim City, that and warcraft. Here are some guidelines.

  1. Don’t spend any real money
  2. Everything needs to connect to the road
  3. Some things spread goodness and others spread badness
  4. Distribute the sources, concentrate the sinks
  5. Understand the areas of the sources and sinks, allow them to influence your ‘district’ boundaries i.e. roads
  6. The cheapest is not necessarily the most effective per $$
  7. Time = Money, but if you’re doing something else you can have the computer burn time for you
  8. As your factories and shops get more advanced the value of their product grows i.e. time generates more money, which is just as well
  9. Not so sure about time generating money, the more advanced commercial buildings consume more time expensive commodities.
  10. The commodities have a supply chain, raw materials, manufactured goods and consumer goods. Keeping the consumer factories busy is tricky since we don’t get more supply side units.
  11. Later there would seem to be three value chains, building, food and consumer goods. They each consume raw materials differently although there is some cross over.
  12. Raw Materials are produced in parallel, value added goods in serial.

Has anyone calculated the best time to money process?

Some more comments,

  1. Building out the Heath Care centres was a pain (at Level 14), but my City was pretty low rise and thus had an overly high land foot print because I had not obey rule 4, see above.
  2. They have introduced time limited diary kickers, for Halloween and Xmas
  3. The xmas snow is pretty

This place looks quite useful.

Club Wars

  1. Daniel will buy war supplies from your sales depot after a day or two, so, a low price for your mates, and a high price for Daniel
  2. Smaller less developed cities have weaker disasters, and only need some of the war supplies, don’t build what you don’t need.
  3. If you lose, and repair, then you get supplies you don’t need. Best only repair what you want, the others get repaired at the end of a war anyway. Maybe ask for alternative rewards.
  4. I think if you try and sell war supplies, your team mates can buy it via the global market, but only they can see it. Not seen this myself.
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  1. At the beginning of the month, they introduced Mountain Resort area with new gateway items i.e. you need snowboards, compasses and woolly hats to open the areas which behave very like the beach.

    It also snows from time to time and its all very pretty.

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