Good web design is changing again. Is it the influence of the growth of mobile devices? It’s certainly influenced my adoption of Nulis on the blog. They are picture rich, with lots of white space, borderless and short columns (often implementing lists) and strong rows! (They also tend to go to the second page by racking down, thus saving the delay of a page refresh.) is one example and is another. I have used a picture from Guardtime as my featured picture on this post. Both these sites are offering IT Security solutions, but they are both  an inspiration. At least to me.

And now we can add Netskope!  It’s becoming a tsunami, Libre Office and Sharethis, although not the GDS’ Now Confluent

I am following Elegant Themes in feedly and several of theirs are going this way.

I have found theme roulette., but used google to find these,

Not sure if this is all I need


NB The LibreOffice uses a slider.

Maybe Nulis is what I need to replace the static pages, although, It’d be nice to have the static pages as straight forward HTML so as not to rely on wordpress, although this could be solved by a 404 page.

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