This snip originally collected some resources aimed at helping people take their characters through to level 40. It was re-written in 2007 in what was an unsuccessful attempt to re-ignite my interest in the game. It failed and I left it alone for a number of years, I had another look when I started NWN2. The links have degraded over time, firstly with bioware hack and so are no longer easily available , but later the Epic Guild site went away too.  The Epic Guilds recreated themselves at a new site,

An almost balanced party, of pure class character, from NWN/UTC

I need to rescue the links below, and what follows is the original content, now at least 7 years old. Dave July 2013


Class builds in NWN

This can be quite tricky, especially if you don’t know the rules. The game manual seems a bit light on stuff.

I have written about my Paladin/Fighter and the advice I found at elsewhere at this site.

I discovered a thread about an Elven Sorcerer/Paladin in the Bioware forums.

Epic Character Builds

One of the guilds at is called Epic Character Builders where people publish their builds.

The have a couple of builds that make me curious, firstly some Bards

and then a Paladin

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  1. There are a number of bioware forum pages which disappeared years ago. I have never repaired the links. I have unlinked the bioware links and deleted some text that referred to the site.

  2. I found personal archives of the Slashing Singer and the Cursed Minstrel and posted them here today; I also update the tenses of the first paragraph. The epic guild links need to be updated and the bioware links removed.

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