This is the downloads page. This page was last updated, prior to being copied over to on 11 Nov 2009, I was sent the Russian Translation late in 2010, and posted it to in June 2012. I placed the Russian Translation on this page in June 2013, when I copied the page to this site. This version 3 i.e. snipsnap page was created on 30th December 2007 when I retired content relating to previous versions and also to any development plans.


Version 0.9

  • .zip “Perils of Branwen”Download Now… This contains a German translation by Leomar.
  • POB_ReadMe.html. Updated ReadMe for V 09 – 6Kb, use the Save As ….. option.
Russian Translation
  • It is available for download from here… if you want it, it is a .zip, it is 3Kb and contains the two .tra files, in a directory called ‘ruissian’. I don’t read Russian and it’s only in ASCII. So even if I had played it, it wouldn’t be helpful. Warning: I don’t know what the translation says. I accept that the original wasn’t poetry so I hope someone else enjoys it.

Version 0.8.05d

  • .exe sfx “Perils of Branwen”Download Now…. This is a .exe and is a Self Extracting, two phase installer based on NSIS & WEIDU. It is 1.5 Mb. See notes below
  • .zip “Perils of Branwen”Download Now…. This is a .zip for the security minded or people to whom .exe is anathma or unusable such as MAC users, single phase install based on WEIDU, for some reasons its larger at 2 Mb. See notes below.
  • POB_ReadMe.html. Updated ReadMe for V 0.8.05d – 6Kb, use the Save As ….. option.

You’ll find her in the Bridge district. She’s at 80,000 XP and thus 7th level. She is reasonably equipped and has developed her innate abilities. If you remove her from the party, she can be found inside the Temple of Helm in the bridge district. (I expect that she’ll be back at the same XP as when you first meet her). Apart from her joining and leaving conversations, this version has no banters, interjections or quests. She is unkitted i.e. she is a true class cleric. The mod does use the the bioware (english) sound tracks. It is a .zip file and is very similar to V0.8.05.

This project has not been active for several years.

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