I need to sell my stamp collection, here are my notes.

This was mainly constructed when I was a child although I inherited some from my Mum who also played a role in maintaining it, even after I lost interest. I came across these two while starting to create a rough catalogue.

These people might help me, they seem to be looking for sellers like me, or sellers anyway. They say, and I para phrase, “British & Colonial, pre 1952 is the norm, i.e. QE2 stuff is less valuable, as is the rest of Europe, USA is OK, Russia and Asia, less so.” It makes me wonder how many Soviet Union & DDR stamps I have. I don’t remember any soviet stamps from the Stalinist era. I found some Cuban and some others of countries which no longer exist, maybe the stamps from no-longer existent countries might have some value. I was surprised to find a mint Deutches Reich stamp with you know who on it. This it seems maybe worth about £5, which is a bit disappointing, it seems the value in my collection is going to be the number of stamps which will be in the 1,000s. They are nearly all in mounted albums, and so pretty bulky, which is one reason I want to be rid of it.

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