I used to use books.livingsocial.com but they’ve gone away.

I revisited this page in January 2014, and added that WordPress have at least one plugin, here is one called Currently Reading Book and this link, How to get an RSS feed out of an Amazon wish list, does what it says which may help on reading next.

When ever I first wrote this, I considered writing my own.


What to do next? Google Books offer a reading list it would seem, and Amazon of course offer a wish list, they offered a Reading List via Linkedin but this seems to have gone.

Goodreads claims to offer one, http://www.goodreads.com/ but I am getting leery about these social networks. http://booksreadinglist.com/ seems optimised for facebook.

Think I might build one myself. I have moved some of the requirements to a comment.

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  1. My reading List app – Requirements

    RSS, Add Book, Mod Book, Get Cover Image, Add Review

    I need a multi user use case definition, so a global feed. Will this require converting transactions into events? I also need to consider user icons and profiles, friendshipnetworks, active and passive recommendations.

    There is no need to comment on others books, but it might be good to have a show all known about a book, within either a constrained network or the whole system.

    What development stack shall I use? The issues are skills and cost. So I’ll probably use MySQL as the persistence layer and better read up on apache, tomcat and django.

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