I wrote/am writing a blog, on Starmer’s “New Chapter” speech which led me to source some facts and opinions. Here are my notes.

Useful Links

  1. The Speech text, on Labour’s press site, the press release, and Labour’s web page, inc. video link.
  2. Burying Corbynism by Phil BC, don’t forget the new core
  3. Why condemning austerity won’t be enough to restore Labour to power by James Meadway
  4. Keir Starmer has economic policy what he doesn’t have is strategy by Stephen Bush, well titled, not really a move from Corbyn/McDonnel, last half sentence, “the worrying part of Starmer’s speech: it’s not that it’s unclear how he plans to tackle Labour’s economic credibility problem. It’s that it is unclear that there is a way to tackle Labour’s economic credibility problem.”
  5. Why Labour must follow Joe Biden’s example and advocate a radical economic alternative by Paul Mason by which he means spend a shit load.
  6. Keir Starmer is no John McDonnell, but his anti-austerity speech was bolder than Ed Miliband ever managed, by Andrew Fisher, also, “… modest proposals [on Universal Credit] on which government U-turns might be expected. What was missing beyond the ill-defined ‘British Recovery Bonds’ – a new savings bond to allow the public to invest in Covid recovery – was the sort of Biden-style stimulus package seen in the US (and backed recently by think tank IPPR).
  7. Keir Starmer’s leadership needs an urgent course correction, by Tom Kibasi in the Guardian
  8. Ian Dunt thinks that the Tories will return to slash and burn austerity and that Starmer’s position is of opposing austerity and puts him in the right place. Personally not so sure, only if you think Corbyn’s internal opposition delegitimised the Party’s position.
  9. On oratory, Where have all the orators gone? & The 35 greatest speeches in history/, from the worryingly named “art of manliness” which has its own controversies, I was llooking for some source material on the ‘modest man’ quote.
  10. Google on schumpeter creative destruction
  11. FTSE 100, by Google
  12. ONS page on Capital Formation and on Q4 2020 GDP Growth
  13. Statista on National Debt
  14. https://quoteinvestigator.com/2017/08/23/modest/


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