I needed to update my Elementary build, by quite a bit. Sadly it still needs a re-install via a USB, and so some of the notes on Installing elementary OS using a USB remains useful. I am upgrading from Freya to Loki (0.4.x) , will version 1.0 be Odin.

Here’s some more things I found:

  1. 24 things to do after installing loki, from lonoxide.com
  2. I used apt-get to install firefox, cairo-clock, pidgin, libreoffice, xpad, java (openjdk-8-jdk) & gdebi, which creates a gui action on .deb files
  3. How to install google drive, from stack exchange
  4. Installing dropbox
  5. a bunch of tools in script form, at github by diniremix
  6. spotify/
  7. A samba GUI, from stackexchange, samba itself will install using apt-get

I haven’t worked out how to re-install Kompozer or Whatsapp yet and probably shan’t bother with Opera this time.

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  1. This needs to be updated to document changing the default browser to Firefox, and using my ‘whatsnew’ script to generate the apt-get install statements.

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