Upgrading Elementary OS

I needed to update my Elementary build, by quite a bit. Sadly it still needs a re-install via a USB, and so some of the notes on Installing elementary OS using a USB remains useful. I am upgrading from Freya to Loki (0.4.x) , will version 1.0 be Odin.

Here’s some more things I found:

  1. 24 things to do after installing loki, from lonoxide.com
  2. I used apt-get to install firefox, cairo-clock, pidgin, libreoffice, xpad, java (openjdk-8-jdk) & gdebi, which creates a gui action on .deb files
  3. How to install google drive, from stack exchange
  4. Installing dropbox
  5. a bunch of tools in script form, at github by diniremix
  6. spotify/
  7. A samba GUI, from stackexchange, samba itself will install using apt-get

I haven’t worked out how to re-install Kompozer or Whatsapp yet and probably shan’t bother with Opera this time.

One thought on “Upgrading Elementary OS

  1. This needs to be updated to document changing the default browser to Firefox, and using my ‘whatsnew’ script to generate the apt-get install statements.

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