I once wanted to post my blog stream to google+, but it seems overly difficult to do. Even harder now that Google have shit-canned it. This is now marked as deprecated, but overleaf/below are my notes when this seemed a good idea,

  1. http://wordpress.org/plugins/google-auto-post/ is a plugin, which relies on you using/having Google Voice.
  2. http://techblog.tv/auto-post-to-google-plus-from-wordpress/ hosts a video that shows how to use Hootsuite to autopost to Google +,  as does this, How to auto publish blog post to google plus page at shoutmeloud

I wonder if NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster will do it. 2 June 2014

Other resources are,

  1. http://wordpress.org/support/topic/need-plug-in-that-sends-wp-blog-posts-to-google-account, an incomplete thread on how to do it, the later correspodents explore doing it javascript but as of yet have published no code. It suggests that its a security issue rather than a market positioning thing; I am not sure.
  2. This, http://en.blog.wordpress.com/2013/09/09/google-plus/ talks about going the other way, and using the various share/add this button sets to post to google+ on a one click basis, it also talks about google friend connect, but mainly the wrong way
  3. There are a number of share this button plugins, but it’s possible that not all have google+ buttons.
  4. IFTTT doesn’t yet have Google+ as an output channel

Since Facebook permit this, I can’t believe that Google’ll keep this secret since they are all looking to own the social network, and leverage the “who you know” graph. I think I want this to converse with people on Google+ and I think that the Circles are more appropriate for many relationships

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  1. I looked at Nextscripts SNAP and they charge for the G+ functionality. I have created an article on it on the wiki. It’s in the related posts list.

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